Privacy Policy - Dynamo of London


The following privacy policy outlines how Dynamo of London Limited (“Dynamo of London”, “we”, “us” or “our”) collect and process personal information about the “user” when using our website. We refer to: Dynamo of London Limited, whose registered office is at: Charles Rippin & Turner Middlesex House, 130 College Road, Harrow, England, HA1 1BQ and whose registered number is: 08135388.In addition, the privacy policy also explains how we use and protect your information provided to us. 


We will not collect any information about individuals, except where it is specifically and knowingly provided by them. For example, we will only gather personal information about you through direct interactions with you, as well as through automated processes. Chauffeurs may also provide us with additional information. Information may be provided via our website, or through verbal communication over the phone or through email. An example where this may occur is when you create an account on our website.

What this Privacy Policy covers: This Privacy Policy covers the Dynamo of London website at, and the DOL Chauffeurs Andriod/iPhone app. 

Dynamo of London website and app offers a numerous number of services that would collect information. When you tell us, you want to be kept updated, you can put yourself on lists, create experiences, order products, and make reservations, or purchase things, we’ll notify you. You will get a deeper picture of our offers with our website and app.

1.2. At any time and without any special notice in this regard, the Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to amend this Policy. On publishing this policy on the Site, the latest edition of this Policy enters into force. The user will continue to use the Service to confirm his agreement in its current form to comply with the terms and conditions of the Policy. In order to make sure the customer recognises the terminology when using the Service, the company suggests that users revisit the policy more frequently. Should the User not consent to the conditions of the Company’s modified Policy, the User is not allowed to use the service.

1.3 On 21 March 2021, its version of the Policy will become effective and will remain valid until a new version is accepted.


2.1. During the use of the Service the Company receives the following information: 

2.1.1 When the transfers are ordered through the Service, or when the passenger uses the Service, user details can include:

  • name (nickname),
  • photographs,
  • company or sole entrepreneur name,
  • details of the company or sole entrepreneur registration (including TIN and VAT numbers),
  • e-mail address,
  • telephone number,
  • details of registration in social media,
  • login and password in the Service,
  • current and previous settings of Personal Account,
  • information on devices used for access to the Service and cookie files,
  • addresses and information of the current location,
  • information on submitted Transfer requests,
  • information on previously ordered Transfers,
  • details of the loyalty cards of the airlines or other partners of the Service that may be specified at the transfer order,
  • records of communication with the Service support and/or driver,
  • marks assigned to drivers and/or the Service, comments, reviews, etc.

During the order of transactions or use of the service as passengers by the users, the Service shall not have access to or process the payment information of the Users (Bank card details, bank account details, etc.).

2.1.2 Information on the Users may be provided by:

  • filling out respective forms in sections of Personal Account by the Users,
  • submitting respective data to e-mail of the Company by the Users,
  • collection of information during the use of the Service, including by placement of orders for the Transfers and completion of the same.

2.2. The Carrier has access to the following details when the User makes an offer of transfer: location, time of commencement and of end of the transfer, number of the transfer passengers, flight number (if any the information shall be made available to the driver, after the customer has agreed on the terms and conditions of the Basic Transfer Details for customers who use the Service as passengers: name (nickname or other information to be put at the greeter sign), telephone contact number.

2.3. The Company may collect and process information through provision of information on the Customers to its affiliates, subsidiaries or contractors, which executed service agreements with the Company, including the necessity of processing of above data. The Company may collect, and process data placed in the Service both in the territory of the European Union and abroad. Irrespective of where the data are processed, the Company shall implement the same actions for security of the same, which actions are described herein.

By providing customer information to its associates, subsidiaries or entrepreneurs which have entered into service agreements with the company, including the obligation to process the above information, the company may collect and process information. Data put in the service both in the EU and abroad can be collected and processed by the Company. Regardless of the processing of data, the Organization shall enforce the same security actions, which are defined in this document.

  1. Use and transfer INFORMATION

3.1. In order to validate data in the personal account, ensure the completion and payment of transactions, and mail information and marketing communications, the organisation is allowed to use the information given by the customers as a means of contact with the useful users. At the bottom of each marketing message the company sends, or with customised settings in their personal account, the user may refuse to accept such messages at any time.

3.2. The Company shall be entitled to provide its vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research entities and other service providers or business partners with information concerning the User. The Company shall take measures to process the information during the information transfer in accordance with this clause, in accordance with the Company guidance and privacy policy, as well as all other relevant confidentiality and protection regulations. They contain the following in particular.

3.3 In connection with events such as the merger or selling of properties, fusion and restructuring, funding and acquisition of a whole or partly of an undertaking or during the negotiations of such matters, the Company may provide the users’ details to third parties.

3.4 Subject to obtaining the consent of the User to divulge information relating to him/her, the Company may provide information to third parties where it is not specifically provided hereby.


4.1. Until the Personal Account has been removed or the User requests to remove the Personal Account have been received by the Service, the Company retains details accessible in the Users’ Personal Account and all other data about the User.

The Company keeps all the user information that may be received in accordance with this “code, in order to fulfil all the legal, fiscal, insurance and other requirements effective in compliance with applicable law, support to users, improved quality services, research and analytics with regard to services, direct marketing and for any other operational purposes The Company shall, upon expiry of this term, in accordance with the applicable law remove or anonymise such information.

4.2. Users can request to remove or uninstall a Personal Account on their own at any time. If the Personal Account of the user includes details about incomplete or unsubscribed transfers (possibility of self-release may be limited). Upon received, the Company shall, except for information to be retained and limit access to data remaining in the Service for a third party, including the Service Users, remove all user information. The Users consent and agree, through the application of the terms and conditions given hereunder, to the Customer, in the event of the deletion of the Personal Account in order to ensure the protection of the User or of the Service, in particular, when any dispute situation relating to the completion or payment of a transfer is to be resolved, for the purposes of preventing or investigating any fraud case, etc.


5.1. The Users may change name, telephone number and e-mail address that were specified in the Personal Account. Personal Account also contains the history of the placed orders and agreed Transfers (completed and non-completed due to any reasons), as well as the rating of the User in the Service.

5.2 Requests for receipt of any User information, changes to Personal Account data, deletion of Personal Acknowledgement and denial of marketing information from the Company, if such information is not accurate, can be submitted to


6.1. “Cookies” are used on the company website. Information obtained by Company through cookies is the most convenient way of providing service. The User consents to placing cookies in his browser under the terms of this Agreement by using this website. In case the User disagrees with the company’s use of cookies, the User either wants or does not want to use or avoid the website to configure his browser settings to manage or disable cookies on the computer.

6.2. Cookies details.

Cookies are the text-related small files downloaded for accessing a website by the user’s internet browser to his PC/tablet, phone or some other computer.

To ensure a customised usage experience and easy navigation of the site, cookies are used. They allow you to monitor the most visited websites, assess the effectiveness and efficiency of ads and web searches and provide an indication for the behaviour of the user. The cookies also allow the user to not lose information inserted in the application form when the website is refreshed. No data to identify the user contained in the cookies saved by the company via the website. Note that if the User disables the cookie-storage option, it will not guarantee the correct functioning of the Company’s website in the user’s browser.

6.3. Cookies used. 

The company uses the following types of cookies:

(1) Cookies for performance.

Those cookies collect data on the usage of websites such as information on the user pages of the website most frequently visited. The Company can use them for website optimization and browsing ease. Use these cookies to determine an eventual visit from the affiliates’ website; a fact about the use of the website’s services. The cookies are not used to obtain personal information from the user of the website. For statistical purposes all the information obtained from these cookies is intended and remains anonymous.

(2) Cookies for features.

These cookies allow the websites to recall the user’s option when browsing the site. Cookies such as a font type or font size of the text and any other customisable parameters of the website can also be used to remember the settings. Cookies can be used for the tracking of the company’s recommended services and videos to avoid the repeat. The cookies for functionality prevent the user from losing the data entered in the web application form. The information given by cookies of functionality does not allow the user to recognise and monitor the experience of the user on the websites that are not connected to the business.

(3) Cookies for publicity.

These cookies collect information about user activities on the Internet, including site visits, and information on links and advertisements that the user clicks to browse. That is important in order to show the content on the websites that is most directed at the user and ensure that the ads or any other information which is most in line with the interests of the user can be presented. The Company engages in advertisement, publicity and customised content, together with third parties, including technical partners and suppliers, that is aimed at the interests of the Users, and that, in company’s view, is of interest to the Consumer.

6.4. Administration of cookies.

In order to accept cookies, most web browsers are configured. When the files are sent to the client, the User may modify the settings to block cookies from the browser or to receive notification. Cookies can be managed in many ways. Please read the browser manual to learn how to modify or alter the settings of the browser. Please notice that the users who choose such settings cannot get a complete access to all parts of the website, and certain personal services can’t be given to the customer.

6.5. Length of cookies storage.

Any cookies work until the end of a single session in the web browser from the moment the user accesses the site. These files become useless and will be removed automatically when the browser is closed. These files are referred to as cookies for sessions.

Some cookies will be stored between browser sessions on the computer and not removed after the browser has been closed. These cookies are referred to as persistent cookies.